How Will I Move My Business To Digital?

An example of the transition to digital business

We see that businesses face many problems in the transition to digital businesses and there are many question marks at this point. First of all, it is vital for businesses to market their products or services in the digital environment to continue their commercial activities.

Before taking their first steps into the digital world, business owners are faced with many questions such as “How should I start by doing a study?” or “Which channels should I be in?” Let’s remove the question marks in your mind and move your business to digital together.

Start By Analyzing!

If you don’t do these two analyzes in detail after you decide to move your business to digital, our first step in digital will probably fail. Target audience and industry competitor analysis. 

Your digital presence will not progress as you would like, as you cannot bring your product or service to people who are interested in you without knowing who the service you provide or the product you are selling appeals to. That’s why target audience analysis is a must for the first step you take to digital. Likewise, by examining your competitors in your industry, it is very important to determine what features they stand out or what they offer to people, so that you always stay one step ahead of your competitors in front of your target audience.

How to Perform Target Audience Analysis?

If you want to be successful in the digital world, the factor you should definitely not miss is your target audience. After determining your target audience.

You will also understand on which social media channel you should maintain your business’s presence. By analyzing the target audience, you will find potential customers for the product you offer or the products you sell. This will save you both material and time.

Let's imagine that we are a women's handbag seller and let's continue our article by exemplifying that way. You can read these examples by adapting them to your own work.

There are some questions we need to ask ourselves as a women’s handbag seller:

  • What age range do the products I sell appeal to?
  • What gender do the products I sell appeal to?
  • Which social media channels do potential customers use?

While doing competitor analysis, there will be questions we need to ask ourselves:

What activities do bag sellers in my community carry out?

  • In which channels do my competitors operated?
  • How do they interact with their customers?
  • How often and how do they campaign?

Questionnaires, which may differ from sector to sector, can be prepared.

Create Your Digital Calendar.

Make sure to note down your questions and answers when performing both audience and competitor analysis. Create a digital calendar of your business within the notes you take.

Let Google Know About Your Business Existence.

The first thing you should do is to inform Google, the world’s largest search engine, of your business. Because people who want to shop search Google first for what they are looking for, and people who search Google for what they are looking for generally have a credit card in their hands. We will use the “My Business” tool to let Google know about your business. It is easy to use and free.

Create Your Website.

You will definitely need a website for your business to survive in the digital, i.e. web environment. You can sell your products on your website or publish useful content to people about the services you offer.

Activate Your Social Media Accounts.

Your social media accounts are the showcase for your business, and it’s often where people meet you for the first time. In your social media accounts, you should share the products you sell or the services you offer in a way that adds value to people. Moving forward with a sales focus in the channels we call showcase will not leave a good impression on people.

And it finished!

We have laid the foundations for your business’s digital presence and you are now ready to start your work. Continuous, planned and analyzes

You won’t believe how fast you’ve grown. You can forward your questions to us via our social media accounts or via e-mail. We will answer all the questions you have in mind.



Stay digital☺.